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Summer pests are often the first thing on people’s minds when they think of issues they experience year-round. But do not think that all pests will leave you and your household alone once the cold comes. Many pests find your warm home a haven against the elements. Beware the following creatures once the weather cools down in your area and know what to do when you find them.

Mice and Rats.

These small creatures will scurry to any warm and dry place they can find once the weather drops. This is to avoid predators and the freezing temperatures that the winter can afflict upon them. They will find any hole or rack into your home that they can, so be sure to seal these before the winter truly settles in. use a protective sealant or caulk to create a secure defense against the cold and pestering animals.

Larger rodents.

While mice and rats will come into your home in droves. Other large rodents like squirrels and raccoons are also known to find a warm place to lay their heads, and all too often that is the same place you are laying yours. Squirrels will often be found in your roof or attic so be sure to check for any damage winter or fall may have caused that could let in any unwanted visitors. Raccoons can be a bit more mischievous in that they can open latches and doors if they truly wish to. Chimneys are their best friends so be sure to get rid of any unnecessary garbage and debris that could attract them. Also if you have outdoor pets, make sure to not leave their food out as that is a raccoon’s favorite winter snack.

The easiest way to keep birds out of your home is to make sure they have one of their own to nest in. A warm small space like a birdhouse or trees around to nest in can help keep birds from nesting in our room or home. Birds are major disease carriers and their droppings can deface your walls. While some birds will leave during the winter, the ones who stay can cause damage to your home. So, giving them their own space to stay really will assist in keeping them out of your hair.

Firewood insects. 

Everyone loves a fire in the winter to keep your home warm and comfortable, but beware how you store the firewood as you can be unknowingly bringing in pests from the outdoors. Insects love wood in the winter as it can provide protection and a resource for food. These pests can include stink bugs, termites, and boxelder bugs. To prevent the damage these insects can inflict, store the wood far from your home and under a covering. Also be sure to check wood for obvious signs of insects before bringing it indoors.

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