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Ant and Spider Control Near Wentzville, MO

Vogelsang Pest Management in Lincoln County offers effective and safe solutions to control ants and spiders from invading your house. Bugs and insects are always looking for food, water, and a place to call home, and sometimes the conditions inside our houses are exactly what they’re looking for. However, you don’t have to continue living with these unwanted guests. Our solutions are more effective and safer than placing bait traps within your home that can be harmful to small children and pets. Contact us today for a free inspection.

Why Are Ants and Spiders in My Home?

Ants find their way inside homes because they’re looking for food and a safe place to set up a nest. Ants’ heightened sense of smell allows them to detect the slightest trace of food, so even a fallen crumb can attract a ton of ants. They’re particularly fond of sweet, starchy, and greasy foods. Spiders are always looking for a safe place to nest and are also on the search for food. The funny thing about spiders, the food they are looking for is often the insects that are attracted to the food in our homes.

How Do I Prevent Ants & Spiders From Coming Inside?

Ants and spiders make their way into houses through cracks, crevices, drain pipes, and other openings. Fixing any potential entryways, such as holes in window screens or cracks indoors, is an excellent idea to prevent entry. Since ants are attracted to food, cleanliness in the kitchen, around garbage cans, and other eating areas is critical. Spiders are looking for insects attracted to human food, so reducing their presence will help keep out spiders.

Contact Us for Complete Pest Control Prevention

There are some small steps homeowners can take to minimize the likelihood of ants and spiders indoors. However, no matter how clean you are, how often you empty the trash, or how well-sealed your house is, sometimes ants and spiders are going to find something appealing about your home’s environment. Contact Vogelsang Pest Management for proven pest control solutions that will keep ants and spiders from nesting in your home.

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