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Wasps are small, flying insects whose sting packs a punch. Wasps are beneficial because they eat other annoying insects, but they can be aggressive. Although wasps generally like to build nests in places protected from the elements and hidden from humans, they will make nests near human activity if given the opportunity. Once a nest is developed, wasps can be difficult to remove.

Wasp nest in a Vogelsang client’s garage.

Common Wasp Hiding Spots:

  • Trees: Wasps typically like to build their nests in trees. It can be difficult to spot the nests if they are built inside of a hole or under the bark.
  • Underground: Unless you keep track of insect activity, it is difficult to locate a wasp nest that is under the ground. You will notice a bump sticking up around the area and there will be several wasps hanging around that location.
  • Walls, siding, and roofs: Many wasps will adapt to living around humans. This means that if their nest is built indoors, they will become more resourceful. Wasps will get inside your home, even if there is very little room for them to build. You may find large numbers of wasps around cracks in walls or siding. Older buildings are especially susceptible to wasps because holes and cracks occur from normal wear-and-tear.
  • Other places that wasps like to hide include garages, under furniture, playgrounds, sheds, under eaves, and soffit. You should not attempt to remove the wasps yourself. Leave it to the professionals to remove a wasp infestation.

If you see wasps crawling through a crack or hole in your house, do not seal up the entryway. By leaving them no exit, it probably will result in angry wasps which will lead to attacks and property damage.

Once the cooler weather starts, wasps will look for warm places to live – yes, inside your home is a perfect place.  Once inside they are looking for warmth.  You will likely see them near your windows.  Other than them being in the house, they will not cause any disturbances.

Please do not try to remove a wasps nest by yourself, please call in a professional.  Vogelsang Pest Management would be happy to take the risk off your hands when it comes to wasps nests. We offer custom pest control programs for your home and business.

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