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Mouse at home

Many people think they will never encounter mice in their own homes, and yet families across the country are living with rodents every day. There are signs of mice that you may not be aware of. If you stay alert and are proactive, then your chances of letting these mice stay in your home for long go down immensely! Here are some things to look out for and some treatment tips for unwanted mice.

Inspection Tips and Tricks

Rodents can come from any place in your home so make sure to do a thorough check of every corner and entryway high and low. Dark areas should be checked with a flashlight and no stone should be left unturned. You would be surprised at how such a small area could be the doorway for so many rodents, so do not assume that just because a hole in the wall is small that it is insignificant. Rodents are also attracted to a home for multiple reasons, so be on the lookout for spots in your home that would attract any pests. Causes could include easily accessible food or water or any place that is unkempt or poorly sanitized. Following these guidelines should ensure a great inspection for the source of your problem.

Mouse Trails

Mice are the most popular stowaways in our homes, but there are some copycats out there so make sure to look for the following signs to ensure that what you are dealing with is a mouse. First and foremost, mice leave droppings all around where they inhabit so even finding one dropping could be a cause for distress. They also leave behind a strong urine scent that is easy to detect, so keep your nose as well as your eyes open. Any personal objects or interior of your home that you notice damage on could also be a mouse’s doing. They tend to gnaw on things to create an opening to slip through or to get at whatever lies on the other side of the barrier, so be on the lookout for any property damage you notice within your home. Your pets can also be your best guide when searching for a mouse-like intruder. Not all animals will react to another entering their space, but many will. Take notice of any predatory behavior your pet begins expressing and look for the object of their fixation.

Get Out and Stay Out

Now that we have located the mice, you need to rid yourself of these pests. Traditional mousetraps are an old standard, but there are other options available that you may not be aware of.  For those who do not want dead mice lying around their home, humane traps are available to trap and release mice. After the mice have been removed, it is paramount that you do not allow any others back in. Stopping any and all entry points is a step that must be taken to prevent any future mouse excursions. This includes removing any possible nesting materials found in your home that rodents have used. Doing this will help ensure a pest-free home.

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