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A professionally designed lighting display on your home can add to the holiday spirit, making your house fun to return to during the holiday season. Unfortunately, putting up magical displays can take more work than it looks. Hiring a professional Christmas light installer can be the easiest way to get the holiday luster of your dreams.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional like Vogelsang Pest Management to install your holiday light decorations is a good idea.

We reduce the risk of an injury or accident!

It only takes a few feet to get a concussion, break a bone, or tweak your back. Therefore, one of the most important reasons to leave Christmas lights hanging to professionals is for your safety. We come to your home fully trained and equipped to safely light your home. 

We use the best technology and customize the design to your liking!

The right light installer only uses the best lights for your home. At Vogelsang, we install C-9 LED lights that use less energy, generate a fraction of the heat of traditional bulbs, and are environmentally friendly. We can do everything if you want a simple, elegant look or a stunning over-the-top display. 

We will save you lots of time!

Most people find themselves overscheduled and out of time during holidays. Take one thing off your to-do list by letting the professionals hang the Christmas lights. You can relax as we string up your display in mere hours. 

We take the lights down and store them for you!

Christmas lights can be bulky and take up much-needed storage space in basements and garages. Take back your storage space by letting a pro carefully take them down, pack up your holiday décor and keep it safely stored until next year. 

We keep your lights burning bright!

Many of the best companies will offer maintenance throughout the season to guarantee the lights stay beautifully lit. So, if anything goes wrong, the professionals will quickly fix the problem and get your home glowing again with no additional charge.

It’s never too early to begin planning your holiday light display! We’d be happy to do all the work for you so you can have more time to celebrate the season with your friends and family. Contact Vogelsang Pest Management today to get a quote.

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