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With warmer temperatures come summer cookouts and backyard pool parties. It’s the perfect time to relax and lounge in the shade. But then — smack! — you got a fresh, itchy, welt of a mosquito bite. Hot weather and summer showers help mosquito populations flourish. But just because their presence is inevitable doesn’t mean you have to suffer through itchy bites and annoying buzzes. 


Here’s a quick guide on how to get rid of mosquitoes on your patio:


Eliminate sources of standing water 

Examine obvious places like your bird baths, baby pools, flowerpots, pet water bowls, buckets, rain barrels, and gutters, as well as less noticeable ones like discarded tires or forgotten water bottles. A bottle cap filled with water is enough to breed hundreds of mosquitoes, so be vigilant.


Keep the yard well-trimmed 

Shrubbery, trees, grass, and other types of vegetation are common mosquito resting places. Keep them trimmed to reduce areas that mosquitoes can hide, or strategically plant herb repellents.


Drag out your outdoor fans 

Mosquitoes suck at flying. They’re not as strong compared to a house fly and often have difficulty navigating against an airstream. Plug in a few oscillating fans to create enough airflow to restrict their flight and stop them from reaching you.


Implement physical barriers 

Invest in some screening for your porch, and, if you already have screens, ensure they fit securely and have no holes. If you can’t install screening, you may use mosquito nets. It is a cost-effective option for easy and portable protection from mosquitoes while relaxing outdoors.


Don’t rely on citronella candles and torches 

Citronella candles and Tiki torches are great for setting a mood, but they’re not so great for repelling mosquitoes. They may be effective in the immediate vicinity of the flame, as they work to ward off mosquitoes with the scent from the candle or oil, but they do not keep mosquitoes out of your yard, and they do nothing to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying.


Call In The Professionals 

Through years of testing and experience, professional pest control specialists have figured out which methods of mosquito treatment are effective and which aren’t. They have all the tools and skillset to fully treat mosquito infestation and offer the best solutions to deter mosquitoes from invading your patio and deck this summer. 


Vogelsang Pest Management offers various pest control services for homeowners and businesses throughout St. Charles, Lincoln, and St. Louis counties in Missouri. Contact us today.


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