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While some insect and bug populations peak at specific periods of the year, the unsettling reality is that some pests are present all year.

Indeed, ants and termites usually start to appear in the spring. However, it doesn’t mean they’re all gone; you can forget about worrying about them. You probably think that the cold has wiped these pests out, but they are just hiding inside your home. Some of their favorite hideouts are inside walls, cluttered areas, attics or basements, or any other dark, secluded place.

Wintertime is the best time to get started on your pest control. Avoid the more severe issue that will arise when they wake, it is essential to attack them while in hibernation mode.

Missing your regular pest control in the winter can be risky since it gives insects a chance to get inside your home and establish an infestation quickly. So, no matter the season, it’s crucial never to let your guard down.

Pest control treatments should be applied regularly, depending on your needs. But your location and the season could greatly matter as well. Many factors make your property prone to pest infestation; clutter in the house and poor sanitation attract pests to sneak in.

As the cold weather rolls in, bugs and rodents will seek warmth wherever they can. If you need proper pest preventive maintenance at your property, expect pests to be insanely frequent.

Prepare for colder months ahead to block pests from entering your home. Get started by hiring a reliable pest control company to examine your area and design programs to treat specific problems.

Vogelsang Pest Management offers various pest control services for homeowners and businesses throughout St. Charles, Lincoln, and St. Louis counties in Missouri. Contact us today!

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