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The holidays are right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to begin planning. And what better way to make sure your home looks festive than adding outdoor holiday lights? Lighting is a fantastic way to bring out the holiday spirit while also making your home more welcoming and inviting. As you prepare to embrace this festive spirit in 2023, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the captivating Christmas lighting trends that will illuminate our spaces this year.  

Although many people merely see them as decorations, there are other practical reasons why investing in holiday lights is a great idea.

Holiday lights enhance the look of your property.

Lights can be used to highlight the best features of your outdoor space, such as the garden beds, walkways, or structure of your home. It’s a simple solution to create a more magical atmosphere throughout your entire home with a colorful light show.

Lights increase safety and security.

Since lights brighten up your home’s exterior, paths and obstacles can be seen clearly, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. Well-lit homes are also less likely to be targeted by potential intruders, making your home feel more safe than dark surroundings.

Holiday lights improve home value.

Outdoor lights can showcase all the amazing features of your home and make it more appealing, which helps raise the value of your property. When the time comes that you want to sell your home, it will be easier for you to find a buyer.

They create a fun and festive atmosphere.

Bright and gorgeous holiday lights and decorations can instantly elevate your mood and help bring that festive feeling to your own home. It’s also a wonderful way to inspire neighbors to get into the holiday spirit.

Holiday lights make your home stand out.

Your property will be more noticeable throughout the neighborhood when you have exterior holiday lights. This creates a stunning and unique holiday display that will definitely make your home shine.


Illuminate your property without risking your safety!


If not properly installed, holiday lighting can damage your home. Additionally, installing outdoor lights is too risky for people who don’t have the skills and experience, as this task requires climbing ladders, trees, or roofs. Don’t attempt to hang holiday lights on your own for your safety. It is important to hire Vogelsang Pest Management to do the hard work for you. We can care for your holiday light decorating while maintaining a safe experience for everyone. Contact us to schedule a quote today!


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