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What are clover mites?

Scientific Name: Bryobia praetiosa


What Do Clover Mites Look Like?
  • They are 0.75 mm long
  • reddish or greenish in color
  • have a greatly elongated first pair of legs
  • Featherlike plates or scales are sparsely arranged on the abdomen.
Where Do I find Clover Mites in my home?

They are usually found on windowsills when the sun is shining and they will move very quickly.

How did I get clover mites?

Clover mites traditionally live outdoors and feed on plants.  Clover mites will get into your home through cracks and openings in your windows and foundation.

How serious are clover mites?

They are a nuisance pest; they do not bite or pass diseases to humans.

How do I get rid of clover mites?

Control of clover mites is best left to your pest professional.  Here are some tips you can use to help around the house:

  • Inside
    • Vacuum the mites. Don’t crush them, they will stain.
    • Make sure your screens fit tight.
  • Outside
    • Remove grass and weeds from around your home that is two feet wide. This is important because they typically will not move through bare areas. Pea gravel is also helpful.
    • Seal all holes and cracks in your foundations and windows.
    • Avoid overfeeding your lawn, because they like a well-fertilized lawn.
    • Place the right vegetation around your home. Mite-repelling flowers include geranium, zinnia, marigold, salvia, rose, chrysanthemum, and petunia.  Mite-repelling shrubs include barberry, juniper, spruce, arborvitae, and yew.
Signs of an Infestation

The most obvious sign of an infestation is when you see them crawling window sills, curtains, and your siding.


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