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There are many products you can buy that will help your dog live a flea-free life. There are also many natural remedies you can try with basic household items. Some flea prevention and treatments can be more effective than others depending on where you live and your dog’s lifestyle, so keep that in mind as you attempt to keep fleas at bay. Fleas may travel with your pets, but they are pests to everyone in your home.

Hooke Flea

Protecting home’s yard is often the first line of defense.  Your yard is the breeding ground for all fleas that want to invade your home. Keeping a lawn well taken care of with fertilizer and mowing the grass short will help eliminate space that the fleas want to live in. There are also plants that emit oils that fleas cannot stand. Planting sage, rosemary, basil or mint could aid in the fight whilst also giving your yard curb appeal.

Once your yard is secure you now need to take steps towards a flea-less home. Basic cleaning can actually go a long way in preventing the spread of fleas. Vacuuming once a week and as needed is an essential maneuver and making sure that the vacuum is cleaned and dumped outside will help also. Getting your floors and carpets cleaned or steamed will lessen the likelihood of fleas mating in your home. These tips can also be true for keeping other pests at bay as well as creating a healthy living environment for you and your pet.

The Carrier

Your pet is the carrier of these fleas and needs the most protection of all. Bathing your dog regularly especially after foreign outdoor adventures is a key step to maintaining your dog’s health and killing fleas. Flea bath shampoos can be purchased from many major pet stores and are very effective. Also combing or brushing your dog regularly to check for fleas will be necessary. Fleas can jump from your pet to their bedding or your own furniture so make sure you clean any surfaces your dog encounters. You would not want to lie down on a bed of fleas and neither does your four-legged friend.

There are also steps your veterinarian would recommend. These include products you may need to purchase in order to remain completely rid of fleas. Flea prevention snacks are a favorite of dogs and veterinarians alike. These tasty treats often keep both fleas and other outdoor pests away from your pet. If treats are not your preferred method of prevention then there are sprays available. These are applied periodically onto the coat of your dog and can be spot-on treatments that will often last weeks before needing reapplication. Flea collars are another tool available to pet owners in search of flea prevention.

With so many products and options available, there is no reason, any pet should be bringing home fleas. With proper care and maintenance, fleas will never enter your home.

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