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Ants - Common Problem
Ants – Common Problem

Ants are a common problem for homeowners in the United States. Given that about 25 different ant species are known to infest homes or businesses, it’s not surprising that so many people complain about this pest. From marching in a line across your kitchen counter and contaminating food to damaging properties and disrupting outdoor events, ants can be a nuisance that needs a practical course of treatment.

Read on to learn the importance of ant protection and how Vogelsang Pest Management can help keep your home or business ant-free:

Block Their Entry Points

Ants can find numerous ways to enter your home through cracks, crevices, drain pipes, and other openings. It’s essential to fix any potential entryways, such as holes in window screens or cracks indoors, to prevent entry. Regularly schedule pest inspections to spot pest problems before they worsen. Our team will thoroughly inspect your house to look for signs of pest activity in the most vulnerable areas.

Impacts of Ants on Business

Ants could damage your company in many costly ways. These little insects can chase away customers and destroy food, hurting a business, especially for restaurant owners. The best way to deal with ant infestations is to call a professional pest control service. Our commercial pest control solutions aim to eliminate pests at your business location before they can ruin your reputation.

Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen

Because ants have a keen sense of smell, they can detect even the tiniest traces of food and draw many of them quickly. It’s essential to keep your kitchen clean all the time. However, no matter how much you clean, sometimes ants find something appealing about your place. To keep your kitchen ant-free, our skilled team can help you identify potential entry points, seal cracks, and eliminate ant attractants. Invest in our ant control solution to get rid of these insects once and for all!

Don’t Let Ants Ruin Your Summer Fun

Ants during the summer are one of the most common problems we here from our clients.  Ants can infest your outdoor spaces, making it so easy for them to crash outdoor events and playtime in the yard. However, you don’t have to continue living with these unwanted guests. Our residential pest control services offer effective and safe solutions to control ants outside and inside your home to keep your summer entertaining pest-free.

Due to their small size, ants are often overlooked, which allows infestations to snowball. If you suspect or discover an ant infestation, contact Vogelsang Pest Management immediately. We are dedicated to protecting homes and businesses throughout St. Charles, Lincoln, and St. Louis counties. Call us today for a free inspection!

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