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They can be very irritating. Flies make an annoying buzzing sound, some bite, and they land on your food, not to mention what they do after they land. The house fly is the most common fly pest around homes. This fly lays eggs on wet, decaying organic matter such as moist garbage, animal manure, or rotting plant debris. The life of a fly is between 15 and 30 days.

Common entry points include open doors and windows, gaps around door and window frames, cracks, and crevices.  Flys love stark contrasts between outdoor and indoor temperatures. They detect cool indoor air ‘leaking’ from buildings during hot periods and warm indoor air ‘leaking’ from buildings during cold periods. So, if your door is open, they will know it and infiltrate your cool home!  Who can blame them?  

Although the best way to control all pests is by having consistent pest-control services, there are steps you can take to prevent flies from being attracted to your yard and from entering your house, and that is good news.

  • Keep trash sealed: Open trash bags inside of your home will attract flies. All non-biting flies can find a meal and breed in an open container of decaying food. By sealing your indoor and outdoor trash, it will be much more difficult for the pests to breed and find a meal.
  • Clean up pet waste: Flies are attracted to some things that people find very unpleasant, such as pet waste. Leaving pet waste can draw the flies closer to your home and they can easily follow you inside through an opened door.
  • Use screens: Flies are small and adaptable creatures. Inspect all of your screens and window frames to make sure there are no holes, cracks, or gaps where insects may enter.
  • Use flypaper: Hanging up a ribbon of flypaper may catch flies before they have a chance to bug you or your family.

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