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Start Your Spring Off Right

There are many pests that rear their heads during the springtime. They come rain or shine into your home and invade your lawns. Today, we will highlight three of the major menaces that pose a threat to your home and your health. So, make sure to watch out for these pests this spring as you enjoy the oncoming sunshine and flourishing flower gardens.


Everyone’s least favorite flying pest comes back into town with a vengeance. Many people associate mosquitoes with summer, but they actually are born and mature during the early spring. They breed very rapidly as the days begin to warm and lengthen, and they come out looking for a meal. Mosquitoes can carry many parasites including canine heartworms, so keep your best friend and yourself safe. Eliminate this threat of breeding by removing all areas with standing water.


Wasps commonly act as population control for other insects that may patrol around your home. This can actually be a very effective tool for eliminating other pests from your yard. However, their tendency to become aggressive near their nesting area turns them from harmless to hurtful. Take caution if you sight a wasp nest and contact a professional to remove the nest from in or around your home. Taking matters into your own hands can end up causing more damage to your own health than to the nest itself. Instead, seal all areas where open food and drinks are left such as recycling or trash bins to avoid attracting wasps.


They are infamous for their home infestations for a reason. These crawling critters carry countless bacteria into your home. They scavenge off of human food, thus creating a potential salmonella outbreak in an around your kitchen area. The cockroaches’ droppings can also cause a risk to your family’s health as the can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms. Sealing any potential entering points, such as cracks or holes in the floor or foundation of your home, can protect you from a devastating infestation.

Now that you are aware of these pests, make sure to look for signs of their arrival and work on preventing any possible spread of the issue. There are tools you can choose to employ when trying to keep a clean and pest-free home. Contact a professional when you have a sighting of a pest infestation and are in need of assistance when handling the situation.

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