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Christmas trees are a longstanding tradition to mark the beginning of the Christmas season. As beautiful as they are, real Christmas trees can contain up to 20,000 pests! Don’t let insects bug you during the holiday season with these tips. 

What types of insects are in Christmas trees?

Many different types of creepy crawlies can infest Christmas trees. One of the most common pests are aphids, which luckily are harmless to humans. Aphids typically can be found on the lower branches of the tree and will leave a purple-red stain when squished. Other common pests include mites, spiders, silverfish, praying mantises, and moths. These creatures are also typically harmless, but not a welcome house guest, especially in large numbers.

How to Prevent Christmas Tree Pests
  • Thoroughly inspect the tree for signs of damage or pests
  • Vigorously shake the tree before bringing it home
  • Leave the tree in your garage or other covered area for several days
  • Once inside, regularly vacuum fallen needles and if necessary, fallen pests

It can be frustrating and overwhelming to realize that your beautiful Christmas tree is infested with bugs, but it is never recommended to spray any pesticides on your tree because aerosols are flammable.

If you do have a problem with insects from your real Christmas tree or any other source, please call us at 314-601-1789 as soon as possible so we can make sure your holidays are creepy-crawly free.

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