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Many creatures, such as bears and skunks, hibernate during the cold winter and come out in the spring. But what about rodents?

The idea that rodents like rats, mice, and even squirrels hibernate during the winter is a common myth. Unfortunately, while their activity may slow outside in the colder months, rodents are active all year-round since they can live and thrive in various climates and conditions. Here are some ways rodents stay safe as the temperatures plummet:

Increasing Food Consumption

In any given season, mice and rats are busy searching for and storing food to prepare for the winter months. Rodents can maintain their energy stores and body temperature by reducing their activities and doubling their food intake. They hoard supplies in the late summer and fall to minimize the times they need to go outside in the cold. 


Holes dug around the foundation of your home are never a good sign. Mice can’t dig through the frozen ground, but they can continue to use burrows they’ve already made. They dig deep enough until they can offer enough warmth and cover to survive freezing temperatures. When burrowing and discovering a crack in your home’s foundation, this can be a massive problem as they’ll follow the heat source straight into your home.

Entering Homes

Rodents tend to become highly creative when it comes to survival. Rats, in particular, can chew through more challenging materials like aluminum, glass, sheet metal, and cinder blocks. They may climb trees to find hollows or even enter roofs, attics, or vent systems. Even if you’ve taken every precaution to keep rodents out of your home, there’s always a chance they may gnaw their way into your living space. 

Don’t allow rodents to make themselves feel at home in your residence. Contact Vogelsang Pest Management today at 314-582-3800, and we’ll set you up with the most effective rodent control program.

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