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5 Pest Control Myths Dispelled
  1. Mice can only be baited with cheese.

This is the age-old stereotype that we all grew up with and yet it is not the most effective! Mice are typically much more attracted to foods that are higher in sugar content. These food options include things like candy, chocolate or even a dollop of maple syrup. They are also nut eaters so peanut butter or any of the nut butter will likely attract the most mice. These foods will entice the mice and ensure a more successful entrapment.

  1. Treating one home causes the pests to spread to surrounding areas.

Bugs spread as they multiply, so any area that has been cleared of pests does not leave any pests to multiply or flee the treated area. A space left untreated is at greater risk for a growing pest threat. The quicker space gets treated the less likely anyone nearby will also gain an infestation. It is like a virus of the human body. Treatment can only be beneficial to the home and any neighbors of the home affected.

  1. The cleaner the home the fewer the bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not attracted to living in a dump. They are attracted to a host no matter the living conditions. Bed bugs have been found in homes and high-quality hotels alike proving that basic cleaning will not prevent their appearance. They like to hide in small spaces anywhere near a host, so they are not confined to only living in your bedroom. Bed bugs can exist anywhere that you can, so take more preemptive measures.

  1. My cat will prevent all rodents from entering my home.

Fluffy may be your beloved house pet and not the fierce predator that you imagine it to be. Many household pets do not attempt to chase rodents away and prefer to be lazy and lay around the house. Even if your cat enjoys chasing the rodent, the rodent’s small size allows them to evade your feline friend on high surfaces and small hiding spaces. Cats can be great pest control but many lose the urge once they are domesticated. Avoid relying on your cat alone for keeping your house pest free.

  1. All pests can be seen or heard.

This is often completely untrue as many pests are too small to be noticed if you are not looking for them. And many do not do damage that can be heard, so they are basically invisible to the everyday person. The damage could be done in places you never think to check like inside your housing paneling or even in your walls. Professional pest control is needed to find and understand the signs of an infestation or pest presence. Without a professional inspection regularly you could be living amongst pests for weeks without taking notice.

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